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Safety in Mind

Child Safety

The Swish Safety in Mind programme ensures that your window furnishing products are designed to be as safe as possible. The risk of strangulation is greatly reduced by the elimination of loose hanging cord loops, whilst still allowing full operation of your curtain pole or blind. The Swish Polaris poleand the Swish Avensys venetian blind are examples of the innovation and design that has made Swish the market leader in window furnishing for over 40 years.

Thermal Blackout Blind: The plain dyed blackout roller blind from Sunlover is a 100% polyester fabric with thermal blackout coating giving the double benefit of room darkening and energy saving. The thermal coating prevents heat loss in the winter and solar gain in the summer. Mounted on an aluminium tube to allow easy trimming, and complete with a safety clip and cord connector.

Polaris: A 32mm decorative metal pole which has a unique retractable unicord mechanism allowing curtains to be operated without the need for loose handing cord loops. Polaris is available in sizes from 225cm to 375cm and can be easily cut to size. The patented cording system ensures simple drawing of heavy weight curtains.

Avensys: A unique aluminium venetian blind that is simplicity to use. The self levelling mechanism allows the blind to be raised and lowered by the lightest of touches and with no hanging cord loops there is no risk of strangulation. Avensys is available in Platinum and White colourways and in a range of sizes from 60cm to 180cm with a drop of 160cm.

Supreme Roman: An elegant roman blind in a natural colourway with a contrasting trim. The self levelling mechanism ensures the blind hangs straight and eliminates loose cord loops. Sizes are available from 60cm to 180cm with a drop of 160cm.

Safety Clip & Cord Connector Pack: This simple kit provides an effective means of reducing the risk of strangulation from loose hanging cords and beaded chain mechanisms common with roller blinds, vertical blinds and corded curtain tracks.

Check back soon for more new and exciting products from Sunflex with Safety in Mind.

Safety in Mind