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Bay Window Advice

We understand that it can be difficult to get your track to fit the bay window you desire. By following the simple steps below hopefully you will find it less stressful.

Measuring and fitting around a bay windows

To measure the length of track required it is essential to fit the brackets in the correct positions first. Using a flexible steel rule, bend it as if it were a track and measure the length as shown by the dotted line in the diagram below.

Bay Window

Measure the distance from 'A' to the centre of the bend 'B' and mark this on the track using a pencil. Now make the bends, if the track is still too long, trim excess from each end. If in doubt, cut the track longer than required and trim to size.

Helpful Tips

  • Extra brackets may be needed when fitting track around a bay
  • A warm track is easier to bend - but never subject it to extreme or direct heat, e.g. hairdryer
  • To avoid tracks springing back and causing an injury, when fitting the track always start from the middle and lock the brackets in place along the way


British Blind and Shutter Association ISO-14001